Erich entered the Leather community in 1995 at a truck stop in Dallas, Texas before relocating to San Jose and the South SF Bay area in 1997. He has been involved in M/s relationships for much of that time, most recently serving his cherished Lady, Ms Margaret Anderson, for 11 years prior to her passing in the spring of 2014.

He has served his hometown clubs- Santa Clara County Leather Association and smOdyssey, Inc – over those years as a member in several coordinator and volunteer roles before helping create the Northwest Leather Celebration, serving as assistant producer from 2008 through 2014. Erich assumed the role of executive producer for 2015, and proudly became co-owner and Producer of the NW Master/slave Contest and NWLC in 2016. He also previously assisted his Lady in running the trainings for servers at the Northern California Tea and Discussion Society for several years.

Outside of the community he works as a technologist turned manager in Silicon Valley, loves soccer as both a player and a fan, has studied karate and competes in half-marathons and triathlons. He enjoys doing restoration work on his 1904 Victorian house and his newest project- a 1971 Ford Mustang.

Ms. Kendra

Ms Kendra hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. Ms Kendra has spent her entire adult life in the leather community. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance, which is an annual event held in Indianapolis, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Ms Kendra has traveled to all seven continents in the world. She has traveled to over 90 foreign countries and continues to add to that list every year. Traveling is a way to expand our comfort zone and enjoy people of other cultures.. Ms Kendra believes that traveling is one of the world’s most pleasurable experiences. To make friends with those of other cultures expands our knowledge of acceptance of those different from us.

Ms Kendra is honored to serve on the Butchmann's Board of Directors.

Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane came to the pansexual BDSM & Leahter communities in 1998, and has been continually active ever since - as a volunteer, organizer, speaker, writer, educator, and rabble rouser both in her local communities and nationally. As an educator, she's taught all over the US and overseas, and delights in seeing the "light bulb moments" happen for attendees at her classes. She spends her "away from kink" work time as a writer, trainer, and consultant; she also volunteers her skills and time to non-profit organizations and charitable fundraisers. She's pleased to be attending Enclave 2017 with her boy of 3 years, Bal, and looks forward to connecting with attendees throughout the weekend.


MizzQueenB is the original founding member of Fems United which began in June of 2012. She has been active member of the local kink community as well as AIS and NLA. She is also currently helping to facilitate the Dominant Round Table along with OhioDom69.

Being both an exhibitionist and a voyeur, she loves the energy that public events bring, and plans to add more public playing in the upcoming year. Even though she tends to be more of a private player.

She considers herself a sensualist first and foremost, enjoying the power of touch. She loves the small gestures of a hand held, a foot rubbed or a stroke up the small of the back. Having a submissive that knows the fine art of touch ~ how fast/slow, how light/hard, what areas are the most erotic, and not necessarily sexual, is extremely erotic to her. However she does have a sadistic side that loves to throw a flogger and give a good spanking. She is also indulging in a new passion - Whips!

She looks forward to expanding her presentation resume, which includes several events around the Columbus area. Presently she is enjoying teaching a class on Sensual Play, and one on Safety in the Scene (along with Sabrage). She runs several events annually including the FemDom Intensive and Submissive Training, through Fems United

Treonna and Kiltgrrl

TRAEONNA and KILTGRRL are a committed couple involved in alternative relationship models with other partners. They bring laughter to the adventure of learning by sharing their life experiences, both the successes and mistakes, and blend their skills and knowledge to present on a variety of topics including communication, physical skills, energy work, connective practices, alternative relationship styles, and conflict resolution in relationships.

A trainer and curriculum developer by profession, TRAEONNA is a passionate and experienced educator that teaches hands-on workshops and presents on a variety of topics in the leather, kink, occult, flow arts, and other alternative communities. She has been involved with the leather and kink communities for over two decades, founded several groups (Power & Trust, Knotty Knowledge, and Toledo Leather Club), and been involved with several leather title contests as Judge, Tally Master, and Emcee. Traeonna considers herself an endorphin enthusiast and a silly sadist who enjoys a good laugh when playing. When not teaching she loves to sew, bake, hula hoop, hit people with dinosaurs, and amuse her Bear with her antics.

A peacemaker by nature, KILTGRRL enjoys the puzzle pieces that are human beings. She is a mediator for the Michigan and Ohio courts as well as a conflict consultant that helps people settle disputes in their everyday lives. She enjoys teaching what she calls "human being skills" and has developed conflict resolution classes tailored to different settings and lifestyles. As the 2016 Ohio Bootblack titleholder, she is happiest with polish under her nails from working leather and blacking boots. Her love affair with tending leather has kept her love (Traeonna) both looking good and highly amused. Kiltgrrl is a member of the Bootblack Divas and co-founder of Toledo Leather Club. She runs the TLC Lab that is focused on education of leather care for people of all experience and skill levels. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, playing with power tools, and making her Ginger laugh.

Traeonna and Kiltgrrl can be found facilitating social and educational activities to encourage camaraderie for curious newcomers and natives alike into their #SmallButMighty community in Toledo, OH.

Ms. Lyn and slave bit

Ms. Lyn, GLLA Ohio Master 2017, lives in Hamilton, Ohio with her slave bit, GLLA Ohio slave 2017. She began her leather journey in 1996 at The Sanctuary of the Dark Angel in Atlanta. Under the eye of Master Doug Harris and His boys, she had her first taste of the energy and spirituality of leather.

In 2015 she opened her home for dinners, discussions, education, and meetings. Her house has lovingly become known as “Ms. Lyn’s Home for Wayward Girls and Strays” as it evolved into a temporary refuge for those in need of healing and direction so they can continue their journey. Ms. Lyn is a member of NLA and Scorpius of Cincinnati, and she supports many events between Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis.

Her interests include impact, breath play, needles, urethral sounding, and the torturing of genitalia. Ms. Lyn is a nurturing sadist and refers to herself as “just the lady next door”.

Slave bit lives in Hamilton, Ohio and is the GLLA Ohio slave 2017.

Bit entered the leather and BDSM scene in 2004 and was collared to Master JL of Dayton, Oho until his passing in 2011.

Bit self identifies as a slave and is a former founding member of MAsT-Dayton and former member of Sterling Shadow Club in Dayton, Ohio and former member of Ohio Leather Alliance of Columbus, Ohio. She is a current member of NLA Columbus and of Scorpius of Cincinnati.

Her hobbies in and out of the scene include ghost hunting, belly dance, horses, puppies ( both kinds), bar nights at their home bar, Argos in Dayton, Ohio, fire play and knife play.

Together with her Master, Ms. Lyn, they host orphan dinners during the holidays for anyone who wants to enjoy the fellowship of chosen family, they occasionally host dinner for their club and offer a safe haven for those in the community in need.

Peter Tupper

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Peter Tupper studied history at the University of British Columbia and journalism at Langara College.

His non-fiction writing has appeared in Wired magazine, the Utne Reader and

He is a co-founder of Metro Vancouver Kink, a non-profit community organization for Vancouver's sadomasochism community, and serves in Vancouver’s Dungeon Monitor Team, facilitating safe play at BDSM events. He has been involved in the BDSM culture for more than 20 years, and has presented at events across North America.

In 2016, he edited and contributed to a collection of non-fiction history essays by diverse authors, titled Our Lives, Our History Consensual Master/slave relationships from ancient times to the 21st century.

He blogs about the history of consensual sadomasochism at, which documents his research towards a non-fiction book.

Ms. Incontrol

MsIncontrol is celebrating thirty years of exploring and sharing kink fun this year.

Her joys are her boys OuterLimits (her partner in crime for 18 years) and PatMcGroin (her newest addition or sub-attraction), her pets (the four legged kind), traveling and making new friends in kink.

MsIncontrol has been teaching various classes on BDSM skills & relationships for more than twenty years; however, she still considers herself having a lot to learn and strives to hone her skills constantly. MsIncontrol is one of the original founders of OhioSMART, Ohio Leather Coalition and lead OhioSMART, Ohio Leather Festival and the Kinko de Mayo committees for a combination of more than 18 years! Happily she is now enjoying attending, not organizing events. Although, considering retired from day to day work of being a community leader /organizer MsIncontrol can be found leading the way of her latest passion, Cleveland Fem Domme Institute, sharing the love for female domination and female led relationships.

Anne Bryne

Anne has been in the lifestyle for over thirty years. She is an avid educator, vendor, developer and user of the violet wand who has authored four books on the subject, two of which are gender specific. The books: Basic Violet Wand and Advanced Violet wands, available on are part of a series and include a How-to DVD; for those who wish to learn in a more private setting or to continue the education available in the classes at home.

Anne has been privileged to present at VASE, NELA, Black Rose Educational classes, Colonial Kink, Fountain City Fetish Fair in Kansas, the Exploratorium at Floating World, KinkyConNH, BESS, CAPEX, The Aviary and various other groups and munches across the Northeast.